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Full Service & Parts Department

Customer Service should not end after you purchase your trailer. New or Used we service all brands & makes of travel trailers. No matter where you brought your camper we will get you in quickly and completed with dependable service, we don't make anyone wait months for service. Your trailer is a huge investment, it should be treated as such no matter where you take it.

We have the knowledge and resources needed to keep you camping.



Free Water Heater & Furance Board Testing

Having issues with your water heater or furnace? The board is probably one of the most expensive replacement parts, we feel you should know for sure if its needed before buying one.


Free Repair Estimates

Awning, Roof, Side Metal, no matter the damage done we have the experience and resources to provide you with a free estimate.


Pennsylvania State Inspections

If your trailer is registered in Pennsylvania it needs inspected every year just like a car.

Free Roof Checks


Water is perhaps the number one culprit in destroying an RV. We offer free roof checks whenever you bring your trailer in for any type of service. We will inspect your roof to make sure there are no signs of water damage or visible points of entry water could use. If we see any issues, we will inform what steps you need to take or give you a quote to take care of it for you.

Propane Filling Station


2024 Propane Prices:

20lbs Tank: $16 (Grill Tanks)

30lbs Tank: $29

40lbs Tank: $38

100lbs Tank: $94

Vehicles: $3.90 Gallon

Motorhome, Trailer, Food Truck

We can fill any size tank.

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